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Day 9 - Swiss Embassy Meeting

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

Today, four of us got picked up by Tamara to go to the Swiss Embassy in New York. The other two stayed at our apartment and did home office. They were joined by Philippe, who spent the day with them.

The four of us going to the Embassy, went to pick up Adrian and then made our way to grab a coffee, before we went inside for the meeting. We were welcomed by Katja, who led us into a meeting room. When everyone had arrived we started the meeting about the video that we are going to produce for the Swiss Embassy. The video is going to be posted on instagram and used for the apprenticeship week in America. Steve told us roughly what his vision for the video is, before we started brainstorming ideas that came to our minds and wrote them down on a Flipchart. The Ideas were all over the place and in the end we had to organise and prioritise all of them.

After we left the Embassy we made our way to the Grand Central Station to eat Lunch before taking the train to Harlem. We met up with the bosses of the tech startup we work at, to discuss our progress so far and ask questions. The two guys that stayed home worked on the project and attended our Meeting over a Google Meet call.
In the evening we all went back home and decided to go out eating in a diner nearby. We had a great time and some good conversations before we headed back to the apartment and went to bed later.

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