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Day 8 – Banking

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

In the morning, our group convened at our accommodation, an ordinary routine for us during our stay. However, one notable absence was Matteo, who had already departed for the office to fulfill his work commitments.

This morning gathering took an interesting turn as Adrian, our knowledgeable friend, took the opportunity to enlighten us on the intricacies of the banking industry. His insights provided valuable perspective, particularly when he delved into the complexities of currency exchange and the workings of the stock market. Adrian’s high-level explanation served as a window into the world of finance, offering us a glimpse of the mechanisms that drive global economies.

Comparing this to our experiences back in Switzerland, the information provided by Adrian was incredibly insightful. In our home country, the financial sector is known for its high degree of sophistication and is often perceived as somewhat elusive to the layperson. Adrian’s explanation helped demystify these concepts and made the financial world more accessible to us. It was a refreshing and educational moment that broadened our understanding of these complex matters.

On that particular day, while the rest of our group had other plans, Matteo was dedicated to his work commitments. He headed to his workplace at GZA, where he had a significant project in progress.

One of the highlights of Matteo’s day was a crucial meeting with Lukas Sieber, a colleague and supervisor overseeing his project. This meeting was essential for aligning their objectives and discussing the primary goal of Matteo’s work during his time in the United States.

Matteo’s project involved a website redesign, a task that required both technical skill and creative vision. In addition to revamping the site, he was tasked with adding fresh and relevant content to make it more engaging and informative.

During the lunch break, Matteo had a special treat as Lukas invited him to join him at a restaurant called Dos Caminos. This was not just a meal; it was an opportunity for a business-oriented discussion in a more relaxed setting. The invitation to lunch symbolized not only the importance of their project but also the sense of camaraderie and collaboration among colleagues.

The search for a suitable gym

Upon Matteo’s return from work, we collectively decided to embark on a mission to find a nearby gym, as staying in shape was important to us during our exchange program.

Our search for a suitable gym took us on an interesting journey, and it provided a unique opportunity to compare the fitness options available in the United States to what we were accustomed to in Switzerland. The disparities we observed were quite notable and eye-opening.

In Switzerland, the gym landscape is known for being on the pricier side. Monthly gym memberships often come with a substantial financial commitment, and for a group of exchange students, the cost can be a significant consideration. While in Switzerland, we were accustomed to paying considerably more for access to gym facilities, making the option of getting fit at a gym less accessible to many.

However, the situation was quite different in the United States. During our hour-long quest, we found that even in a major metropolitan area, there were more budget-friendly options like “Planet Fitness” that offered month-long memberships at a very reasonable price. This contrast highlighted the affordability and accessibility of fitness facilities in the U.S. compared to what we had experienced in Switzerland.

While we acknowledged that there might be more upscale and well-equipped gyms available in the United States, we considered “Planet Fitness” a practical choice given its cost-effectiveness, especially for a group of students on an exchange program. The value for money was certainly a pleasant surprise, as it allowed us to maintain our fitness routines without straining our budgets during our stay.

Following our gym visit, we returned to our accommodation, where we enjoyed a light meal. With the day’s activities behind us, we eventually retired to our beds, ready to rest and recharge for the adventures and experiences that awaited us during our exchange program.

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