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Day 7 – UBS

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023


We gathered at a Pret a Manger in the morning. Some of us opted for small snacks, while others just ordered coffee. Afterward, we headed to the UBS in New York. There, we received our visitor badges before being escorted to a meeting room.

We were greeted with breakfast and a presentation about the UBS in the USA. Following the presentation, we had the opportunity to tour various offices, with a focus on trading and sales. We were encouraged to ask numerous questions, all of which were comprehensively answered.


Later, we took a ferry to the UBS in New Jersey, where we witnessed the preparation of UBS hackathon. Another highlight was the UBS TV room, where we gained fascinating insights. They also showed us what an amazing view they had of New York.

At lunchtime, we had the chance to interact with the GPTs. GPTs are individuals who work at UBS for two years after their college education. The shared meal provided an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and questions.

After lunch, we had the opportunity to meet more employees and ask additional questions. It was an informative and exciting day at UBS.

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