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Day 6 - Visit UBS New York/New Jersey

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

This morning we left at 8am to go to the UBS building near Rockefeller Center. There we were welcomed at the reception by Bilma, who showed us around UBS for the day. She took us to a meeting room on the 8th floor where we got an introduction to UBS from Diane and Michael, for those of us who are already doing the apprenticeship at UBS this was some repetition and also a lot of new information. They also talked a lot about Agile Transformation and Sustainability. One fact that especially impressed me was that UBS transmits about 142 petabytes of data per year.


Afterwards, Thomas led us through the investment banking trading floor. It is very special that you can visit this floor as a non-investment banker, as there are strict regulatory requirements, which is why we were not allowed to use our phones nor take any photos.


After the tour of the trading floor, we travelled by ferry, taxi and Uber to the office in Weehawken, New Jersey. There we had lunch in a newly renovated canteen with GTPs (Graduate Talent Program). They had a huge selection of food in the canteen. From pizza and burgers to pasta and sandwiches. When we were done eating and chatting with the GTPs, Michael gave us a little tour of the renovated part of the office. Afterwards Doug explained the technological strategy of UBS in more detail. Gerald then talked to us about WMA (Wealth Management America) IT. At the end, Anthony presented the CTO (Chief technology officer) strategy. Another thing that is special about the office in Weehawken is that you have a beautiful view of the New York skyline, especially the Hudson Yards area.

Afterwards we took the ferry back to New York where we said goodbye to Bilma. It was a fantastic day with lots of networking opportunities as we met people from different sectors of UBS. It was also a unique opportunity, and we are very grateful for the visit that UBS made possible.

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