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Day 5 - Skyline photoshoot

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

We startet today at around 9 am and ate breakfast at our apartment. Afterwards we all got ready to go out, because Adrian picked us up at our apartment at 10am. As soon as we picked up the supervisors, we made our way to the Hudson River. At the Ferry Port we took the ferry to New Jersey and walked all the way up to a viewpoint, from where you could see the New York City skyline. The view was breathtaking and we used the moment to take out the camera and shoot pictures of all of us in front of the skyline. The only problem was the sun that was shining into the camera lens from the front, but we were able to take some nice pictures anyway.

After we finished our skyline photoshoot, we all walked over to a nice Mexican restaurant that Adrian knew from the last Stage in New York. For starter we all had some nachos with guacamole which they freshly made at our table. The food was amazing, but it was way too much for us, so we took the rest home.

To digest the food we just ate, we walked back to the ferry and agreed to walk over to the Central Park. At the Ferry Port we were lucky, because the ferry was ready to leave, but we managed to make it on in time.

After the Ferry arrived, we walked to the Hudson Yards and saw the Vessel, which is a view platform for people to walk on and look at the skyscrapers. Sadly, we couldn’t walk up, because it was closed.

At the Central Park Adrian told us more about the following days and the companies we are going to work at.

At around 4pm we parted from the supervisors and Adrian and went back to our apartment.

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