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Day 5 - NeueHouse Madison Square

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

To start the day, we wanted to eat pancakes. But we noticed that there was neither a frying pan nor any sugar, so we went on an early shopping trip to get what we needed for breakfast. When we got home and had bought a pan, Nutella and some sugar, Timothe showed us, that there were already frying pans in the kitchen.


After our breakfast we got ready to meet Lukas Sieber at the NeueHouse Madison Square. On our way there we passed the Flatiron Building. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see much of it since it seemed under construction.

After we arrived, we waited in a very cool industrial looking working space / restaurant area. A bit later Lukas welcomed us and told us a bit about himself and Greater Zurich Area (GZA), the company which Matteo will be working for. Lukas explained to Matteo what he’ll be able to help with regarding their website.

Once everything was clear with Lukas, we met Janosch Amstutz the founder of BEEM. He told us about his very interesting background and how he came about the idea of creating BEEM. He even showed us a demo of the application and how explained how it works. Meeting Janosch concluded our visit at the NeueHouse Madison Square.


For lunch we decided to eat at Chipotle for the first time. There they serve Mexican style burritos which you can also eat in a bowl. It was quite good and depending on which sauce you chose also very spicy too. Since some of us were still a bit hungry we went to Wendy’s to get an after-lunch snack.

After Lunch we passed the Lego store and two of us bought a cute Lego BrickHeadz figure of the Statue of Liberty.

So that we could see Time Square at night Dila suggested to visit the only Jellycat diner in New York in the FAO Schwarz building and spend some time there until it gets dark.


Later we then saw Time Square at night with all it’s alluminated monitors filling the streets with light. It was very impressive and breath taking. And since there are a lot of shops at time square Dila proposed to the others to visit some shops and do some shopping. We went to the Disney store, the M&Ms store and the Line Friends store.

Tired from the long day we went home.

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