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Day 3 – The first weekend

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

After a long evening yesterday, we decided to sleep a little longer on our first Saturday in New York. Since the fridge was empty in the morning and everyone was hungry, we made our way to the nearest grocery store.


Once we arrived at the grocery store (Target), we found what we were looking for and bought some groceries and snacks for our first brunch together. As a surprise, we met Tamara and Philippe in the store, who were also doing their shopping. In addition to the large selection of food, I (Sven) personally missed fresh bread. For this reason, Simon and I then went to a bakery, which is a few streets away from our apartment, and bought a loaf of bread.


Back at the apartment, we made our first brunch together. For this, Florin prepared us the appropriate bagels and was later crowned by us as “Bagel Expert”. The brunch was nice and gave us new energy. Tamara and Phillipe also came by after brunch and helped plan today. Meanwhile, I was busy booking American football tickets for the coming weekend. Later in the group, we decided to have some food, go to the M&M’S World store and, in the evening, to the outdoor sky deck (The Edge).


After a quick lunch at a Mexican restaurant, we headed to the M&M’S store. I noticed that today it was already easier to orientate in the city. Once you arrive at the store, you can choose from several different types and colors of M&M’S. The same in the Hershey’s store, which also had a huge selection of chocolate. Afterward, we went home for a short while and prepared for the later trip.


As planned, we went to the viewing platform in the evening and were fascinated by the incredible view. We ate classic American burgers for dinner, which we liked very much. Some cool things have already been planned and discussed for tomorrow.

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