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Day 3 – NBA

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

We were all very glad to be able to sleep in after two very long and tiring days.


We started the day by ordering breakfast from Starbucks. Unfortunately, we only received half of the order. After three calls we found out that delivery man forgot to take the second bag with him, so he went back to the Starbucks and got it for us.


For shopping we searched up the nearest Target store. So, we went into the metro, but we accidently took the one which was going into the wrong direction. So, we searched for another nearby Target in the other direction.

Arriving at target we bought some groceries for the next couple of days, so that we can cook more for ourselves and have some snacks.

For the way home we got an Uber so that we could bring our groceries with us easier.

Unfortunately, one of us had to take the metro because the Uber only had 4 seats instead of the 6 that were showing on the app.


After we rested for a bit at home we got ready to go to the NBA game. We met in front of the Madison Square Garden stadium with Diego and Adrian. There was a huge queue waiting for entering the stadium. After the security check and getting snacks, we were on our seats and watching the game. The game started with the national anthem of the United States. The experience in the stadium was stunning. The game was really nerve-wracking. Sometimes the Knicks were ahead of the Timberwolves and sometimes the other way around. In the end the Timberwolves won the game. Minnesota Timberwolves 121 – 112 New York Knicks

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