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Day 29 - Final Meetings and presentation of our work

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

We started our day with a small breakfast before we all got ready in our nicer clothes so we could later go to the swiss embassy without having to change.

The first meeting we had with GZA. Tamara and Philippe sent us the link to a teams call about 15min before the actual call so we could check if everything works. After the check we all waited for Stefanie from GZA to join our call and start with the feedback round. We exchanged our experiences the past month and discussed how the collaboration could be improved in the future.

The call with GZA lasted about 30min. After we hung up we all got ready to go to the swiss embassy. We were a little too early so we descided to go to a “prêt a mange” and get coffee for everyone who wanted.

At 11 am we went to the swiss consulate for the final meeting and presentation of our work the past month. We started by watching the two videos we produced for the embassy. We received very positive feedback which we were all very happy about. We also told them about our experience while working on the project (what was challenging? what worked out really good?). Working with the swiss consulate was an amazing opportunity for all of us who got the chance to work on the project.

For lunch we met up with the bosses of the tech startup most of us have been working for. We went to chinatown with the metro and ate at a chinese restaurant. It was a big round table where you could share all the food with everyone and just take whatever you like. The food tasted really good.

After eating we went to the chinatown office to do the last of our feedback meetings and show everyone the final product. Luckily all of the three places we worked at had a positive feedback for us.

I think we can all be quite proud of the work we got done this month and of the great team we’ve become while working togehter.

In the evening we went home to change our clothes and after went to a final dinner togehter at a restaurant called bubby’s. On the way there we came by the Ghost Busters Fire Station which we were all excited about. The food there was amazing and we had a fun last evening in new york togehter.

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