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Day 28 - Last day of work

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

The last time the Grand Street station, the last time working in the office in Chinatown. It was a very special day for us, as we have been working in this office for several weeks now and the office has grown on us. Today’s goal was to finish the outstanding tasks and prepare the project for the upcoming handover. To lighten the mood of the group, Noemi came up with the glorious idea to place an order at Starbucks. With a fresh coffee and good mood we then started our last working day. Chiara and Noemi continued to work on the editing of the video, while the rest of the group worked on the startup project. The focus was essentially to come to a fulfilling result.


After a hard morning with working, we took time out in the afternoon and had lunch with Nic, who will be leaving today again back to Switzerland. After saying goodbye to Nic we started with new energy back to work.
In the afternoon, the developers managed to complete the tasks of the prospective startup project. As a thank you for the opportunity to stay in the office and the constant hospitality of Thomas, the architect and owner of our office, we gave him some bars of Swiss chocolate. Thomas was touched by this action and thanked us very much for our gesture. He also invited us for an event tomorrow, but we will not be able to attend.


Shortly before closing time, Chiara and Noemi had a change in their whole project, which made them face another big challenge. In a very short time they had to adapt their whole video and finish it for tomorrow’s presentation and delivery. To keep our spirits up, we came up with the idea to get some donuts at Dunkin Donuts. So we headed out to shop for the surprise. Back at the office and with a donut in hand, everyone was back at the final spurt with full energy. In such a special situation you could see how well the group has grown together in the past weeks and now in such a situation they stick together and support each other.


After Chiara and Noemi finished their work, we went back to the apartment together. For the evening we met another teenager that we got to know trough the boss of one of the start ups. We were quite tired but decided to meet him anyway. The evening ended up being very nice. We ate in a Mexican restaurant, which was recommended to us. It was very good and we were all full after the meal. It was a strange feeling when we realized that this was our second last evening in New York. The time passed very quickly and after the meal together we went back home.

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