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Day 28 – Final To-Dos

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

Our second last day in New York was easy going. We were able to finish up any tasks that weren’t completed yet. Since work here starts at around nine or ten, we didn’t need to get up very early which is quite different from Switzerland.

Some of us already started packing in the morning so that they wouldn’t have to do it tonight or tomorrow morning. It was quite tricky to make sure all our belongings as well as the souvenirs we bought fit into the suitcase, while also trying not to exceed the weight limit for the flight. The packing in the morning was quite time consuming.

In the afternoon it was back to finishing up any tasks that still had to be done. Ainhoa had converted some GIFs for Janosh regarding Beem. Since the quality of those wasn’t good enough, she tried to improve the quality of the GIFs and give them a higher resolution by searching up a website to do so. Dila had drafted some caption ideas for the Reel she created and had the final meeting for yesterday.

Albin and Michel met up with Markus one last time to complete the project for HF². There was also a developer to take over the program. During their final meeting they installed, demonstrated and explained the program they had created. Setting everything up was quite challenging but they were able to do it without any problems. While explaining they answered any questions Markus and the developer had. With that the project was completed and they both learned a lot and enjoyed the project.

We finished the day with an amazing dinner at the Dinosaur BBQ restaurant we had been to once before with Adrian. This time we enjoyed some delicious brisket and ribs with Robin and Markus. After our final dinner in New York, we went home to do some more packing and to rest.

We met at 7:30 PM in front of the Fogo de Chão restaurant. Robin also joined us for this dinner. After we got seated, we recognized how big this restaurant really was. From the entrance and the check-in area it just looked like a normal restaurant with like 20 tables. In reality it had like 60+ tables with multiple floors. The restaurant just got bigger out of nowhere! We had an amazing dinner together. We all got “all you can eat” deal for around 80$.

It was a really amazing experience with all the servers walking around with high quality steaks, cutting of Peaces of the steak on your plate.

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