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Day 26 – Monday mornings...

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

The day kicked off with everyone settling into their offices, except for Ainhoa and Timothe. Albin, Michel, and Dila found themselves stationed at HF2, where Dila put the finishing touches on the HF2 logo. After perfecting the logo, she continued creating a presentation template for Markus Schneider, showcasing the HF2 concept for potential customers. Markus received the completed logo and presentation by day’s end.

Michel and Albin, also stationed at HF2, were deeply engrossed in their software solution endeavors. Albin went on a code refactoring mission, creating a new project for one of the software components. The objective was to streamline the code, ensuring that only functional and necessary segments were included. This process aimed to prepare for the project handout scheduled for Wednesday. Meanwhile, Michel did some research on how to send shortwave signals from a laptop using walkie-talkies as transmitters. However, the team unfortunately had to abandon this research due to the underestimated effort required, redirecting their focus to complete the remaining project tasks by Wednesday.

Matteo, who was still working for GZA, had a meeting with Lukas Sieber regarding the finalization of the CMS website he was working on. After receiving some Feedback on his previous work, he adjusted the website accordingly and entered the final spurt of the project.

On the other hand, Ainhoa and Timothe face some challenges on their Beem project. Unfortunately, Janosch wasn’t available, which prevented them from working on the project. Therefore, they did some schoolwork and household chores from home.

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Mr. D offered us some Doughnuts and cookies, which were very delicious. Then we went to visit the following classes.

  • History class
  • Chinese class
  • Italian class
  • Spanish class
  • Design Engineering class
  • Music class
  • Physical Science class
  • Volleyball practice
  • Gym
  • Outdoor Sport area

In the Spanish class, Ainoha took over the role as a teacher for several minutes, which was funny. In the Music class they played an orchestra for us, it was really impressing.