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Day 25 - Museum exhibitions

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

Today Florin and Tamara took the metro and went to coney Island, it took about 2 hours and it was amazing. They spent the entire day there and they enjoyed it.
In the morning Noemi and Chiara went to the modern art museum (MOMA).
Me (Thomas) and Sven went for a brunch at 5 napkins burger (a restaurant near our apartment), it was the same restaurant we went last week, but we wanted to go there again because the pancake breakfast was delicious.
Simon ordered home delivery from the famous GrubHub app.

In the afternoon me (Thomas), Sven, Simon, Chiara, Noemi and Robin went to the American Natural history museum, the famous museum from the movie “Night at the Museum”. There were several halls, covering ancient populations, aquatic animals, land mammals, and dinosaurs.

We saw the evolution of various species and it was really interesting.
The hall I loved the most was the dinosaurs hall, there were full-scale reconstructions of various dinosaur skeletons, it was stunning.
After the museum, we went shopping in time square, we went to a football merchandise store and a cap store.
For dinner we decided to cook at home, we prepared fajitas with chicken and various sides, it was delicious.

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