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Day 25 – Lunch at Juniors followed by Shopping

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

This Sunday, we had some fun plans. We wanted to start our day early, different from our usual lazy Sundays, to go to the gym in the morning. Then, we planned to go shopping at a big mall in Queens, which was about 1.5 hours away from where we were. Our main goal at the mall was to shop a lot. But we realized our bags were too small for everything we wanted to buy, so we decided to sleep more instead.
We finally got out of bed around 11 am and tried to find a place for breakfast. The first place was too crowded, so we went to a restaurant called Juniors, where Ainhoa, Michel, Albin, and Matteo had lunch.

After eating, Ainhoa and Albin went shopping in Manhattan. Dila and Timothe needed more rest, so they stayed home. While Ainhoa and Albin shopped, Michel and Matteo went to the gym. They met an older man who was curious about their workout and had a friendly chat. This was different from Switzerland, where people are more reserved.
Later, Ainhoa and Albin finished shopping and came home. Ainhoa went shopping again, and on her way back, she met Matteo and Michel, who took longer because of their conversation with the curious man.

While everyone else was busy, Timothe, Constantin, and Robin went on an adventure to Brooklyn. They wanted to see the sights and try the local food. They explored the unique attractions and culture of Brooklyn, making the most of their time in the lively part of the city.

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Mr. D offered us some Doughnuts and cookies, which were very delicious. Then we went to visit the following classes.

  • History class
  • Chinese class
  • Italian class
  • Spanish class
  • Design Engineering class
  • Music class
  • Physical Science class
  • Volleyball practice
  • Gym
  • Outdoor Sport area

In the Spanish class, Ainoha took over the role as a teacher for several minutes, which was funny. In the Music class they played an orchestra for us, it was really impressing.