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Day 23 - Hadestown musical

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

Today we all went to the Chinatown office together. While working in the office I (noemi) had to take some pictures of every one of us. The pictures had to be as real as possible of us working on our projects, so we can use them in our blog and on social media in general. It was not as easy as I thought it would be, because most of the others couldn’t stay focused when I turn the camera to them.
At 11 am Chiara and I had a meeting with the swiss consulate about our first video, which we sent them so they can review it and give us their feedback. We got a lot of positive feedback and only two more scenes to add to the video, so we were quite happy about that.

In the afternoon Chiara and I went to Washington square park, where we had to record some more street interviews for the Swiss Consulate videos. Washington square park is known for many street interviews taking place there and many people are open to answering questions on camera. For us, the park wasn’t a good place to record these street interviews at all because they played music way too loud. Luckily we could still record two videos which we can include in the videos and the people even had good answers.
We returned to the office in Chinatown at around 4 pm and took some more photos of everyone working.
On the way home, I had to record the missing scenes, that the consulate wanted in the video. We were lucky that we could shoot both of them on our way home from work and Thomas did a great job at acting.

In the evening everyone except Chiara and Simon went to the musical “Hadestown”. After we made a quick stop at chick-fil-a we headed over to the musical and made our way inside.
I have never been to a Broadway musical before since I missed the lion king musical so I was very excited and curious if I would like it. – I ended up loving every second of it.
The songs were catchy and full of emotion and the actors had amazing voices. The actor Patrick Page who played Hades in the musical was the one that overwhelmed me the most because his voice was extremely deep and he sounded kind of terrifying, which was perfect for his role. I can definitely recommend the musical.

We all went back home and spend some time talking together until we were tired and went to bed.

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