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Day 22 - NBA Basketball game

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

Once again, we worked in the Chinatown Office today. Currently, there are still some tasks in the existing projects and some new ones. I (Sven) worked today on creating a presentation about our apprenticeship system in Switzerland. Together we will present this presentation to other apprentices from America next week and then compare our system with theirs. Chiara and Noemi continued to work on their videos and the rest on the outstanding tasks for the projects.


At noon we went to a familiar Chinese restaurant that we had already visited last week and had a good time. So far, the food in Chinatown has always been very nice and a great change from the other fast food.


In the afternoon we met Nic. Nic is a colleague of Tamara and Philippe, who also studies at ETH and comes to visit them here. Nic and Philippe also booked the tickets for the basketball game tonight, so now almost everyone is at the game. The anticipation for the game was huge, so we all excitedly made our way to the stadium. Since we learned from the ice hockey game, we ate this time before the match, otherwise, it would be even more expensive. I ate again a pizza and the rest a sandwich at a local deli store.


Arriving at the stadium we were overwhelmed by the incredible atmosphere. We also really liked the stadium, as spectators everyone had a good view of the field. At 7:30 pm the game started. The game was very exciting and close over all quarters. With 8 seconds left, the Nets (K. Durant) managed to tie the game with a dunk in the last quarter, this took them into overtime. An incredible experience for us a result of 112:112 after four quarters and now 5 minutes into the overtime. In the overtime, however it became clear who would decide the game for themselves, and so the away team Dallas Mavericks won in the end with 127:123.

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