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Day 22 – Binance, B-Roll and Business

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

Albin and Michel have come far in their work for HF². Their goal for today was to make the application capable of placing trades. For that they invested a lot of time in research. The first step was to figure out how to place trades on the Binance exchange. Albin had found a library for this task, but since it seemed quite complicated, he wanted to do it himself. But that was even more complicated, so he reverted to using the library from before. The last task of the day was to implement the authentication through the API.

Dila was able to present her adjusted design proposals, in which she had worked the first feedback that she got from Markus. Markus was quick to give her feedback and choose which version he liked best. He also suggested a few changes, which Dila started to add to the new design proposal. Dila is also working on a Reel for the Swiss Embassy. Today she got feedback for the first version of the Reel. Since they wanted to have more b-roll footage added, Dila recorded some possible footage with Albin. She added extra footage as well as subtitles to the video.

Matteo dedicated his time and effort to further develop and enhance the GZA website. He was actively engaged in the ongoing tasks and improvements necessary to ensure the website’s functionality and overall user experience.

Ainhoa was able to finish the UI design for both the Apple Vision as well as the Snapdragon glasses for Beem. To know how the designs for the VR headset and glasses need to look she received a link to a document which helped her in her research. Timothe did some tasks regarding the infrastructure of Beem.

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