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Day 21 - Workday in Chinatown and customer meeting

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

Today was a normal working day for all of us. While our computer scientists started their workday in Chinatown, we mediamaticians spent the morning in our home office. Our tasks today included sorting and editing videos as well as creating a PowerPoint. The computer scientists continued to work on various simulations for the project of the startup and were very busy the whole day. From our project (the video) I can say that we have made progress, because in the evening we already had a first version of it. One difficulty was that we always cut to the beat of the music and therefore often had trouble choosing the perfect cut from the whole video.

I (Chiara) was working on the design for the PowerPoint template for the tech startup. They wanted a template that could be easily modified. So for me this meant that I had to create the design elements in PowerPoint and not in Illustrator as usual.
It was a bit of a challenge because you only have limited options for the design of the individual elements compared to Illustrator. At eleven o’clock Noemi and I were already eating lunch and had the leftovers. We ate so early because we had a 1:00 p.m. appointment in Chinatown. So we packed our equipment in time and went. I personally find the office in Chinatown very nice. It is very bright and has plants everywhere and is also very modern. The only stupid thing is that it is on the sixth floor.

Theoretically, it would have an elevator, which we could use, but it does not really meet the “Swiss expectations” of an elevator and for this reason we always take the stairs.

At the coworkingspace we met with one of the founders of the tech startup and showed him our ideas for the design of the company. He was very pleased with the proposals that Noemi and I created and this made us happy.
Also in the afternoon, everyone worked independently on their own projects and that day we left the office a little after six o’clock. On the way home we could also see the Halloween decorations that had been put up very early. I thought the pumpkin (which you can see in the picture) was very cute.

The day was a tiring day for me and I was very tired. So I was even happier in the evening that we didn’t cook ourselves anymore, but ordered pizza. We ordered the pizza from a restaurant nearby and an hour later the delivery man rang our doorbell and brought the pizza to our apartment. The pizza was very good and I really enjoyed eating it.

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