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Day 19 - Radio Interview and Video shooting

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

In the morning I (Thomas), Noemi and Chiara worked on the embassy video. In the morning Noemi and Chiara reviewed the shots of Friday. Meanwhile I worked on the website for one of the Startups. I contacted the Computer Scientist (Alex) from TIE International to setup the WordPress development environment.

In the meantime Sven, Florin and Simon worked at the chinatown office for the other companies projects. Simon worked on the User Interface. He created a mockup using Angular with the PWA (Progressive web app framework). Sven and Florin worked with unity and they made some good progression with the simulation. They added NPC’s (Non playable characters).

Then I, Noemi and Chiara went to the GZA office in Dumbo, Brooklyn to record the last few scenes. The others joined us at lunch and we went to eat some heathy salads.

Behind the scenes of filming the Embassy video:

In the afternoon we recorded the last scenes for the embassy video, and I (Thomas) had an interview with the Swiss Radio (RSI RETE UNO).
The interviewer asked me what do I do in New York, the projects we are working on, what I like about here, and about the working cultural differences. Then he announced the phone number that people could call to join the radio and ask me questions. The interview last about 20 minutes.

The others continued to work for the startup in the GZA office.
Me, Noemi and Chiara went back to our apartment and on the way home we shot one last scene.
At home Noemi and Chiara started the editing of the video, and I (Thomas) worked on the landing page that I started with this morning.
For dinner Sven, Tamara and Philippe, went to eat ramen. Noemi, Simon, Chiara, Florin and me ordered some thai food instead.
After the dinner we all had a good time playing a card game together.

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