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Day 19 – Monday Motivation

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023


Michel, Albin and Dila went to go and work for Markus on their very interesting Radio frequency project.

Dila started editing the video for the Swiss Embassy Reel. She created a new Premiere Pro project and started importing the recorded footage from last week. She Adjusted the volume of the speakers and added fitting music. Albin and Michel worked no the Coding part of the application. Albin was looking into getting the current market price through the WebSocket API of the exchange. It was challenging because they needed some kind of authentication, which Albin worked on the whole day. Michel was figuring out how we can get the data from the antenna to the application. He tried different software applications, went through different tutorials on YouTube but couldn’t find anything about how to encode and send the data to the application.


Matteo followed his usual routine at GZA, starting his workday at the prestigious “NeueHouse Madison Square” co-working space. After a productive morning, Matteo enjoyed lunch with his colleague Beni, engaging in a good conversation over a delicious Shawarma meal. After their meal, Beni showed Matteo the location of his college. Afterwards Matteo returned to work and Beni resumed his academic pursuits.


Timothe and Ainhoa made their way to Beem to keep producing amazing work. Ainhoa was focusing on the wireframe she has to do. She’s creating a wireframe for digital glasses that later will be used to project the Beem in there. While Timothe is working on the server side and he tries to make the Beems load even faster.

By the time we all got back home, we were pretty beat from a long day’s work. Albin, Michel, and Dila arrived home later than anticipated, and that put our gym plans on hold. Since we had all put in a hard day’s work, hunger got the best of us, and we opted to order from our beloved spot, Panda Express. Afterwards we hung out at our home, had a great talk and eventually went to bed to be ready for the next day of work.

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