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Day 18 - Escape Room

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

Today the weather was not as good as in the last few days, hence we had to find things to do indoor, and we did. We started the day by going to the laundry and buying some more water at target. After that we divided us because some of us went to Staten Island by using the ferry again, to go shopping in an outlet and some of us went to an escape room near the Flatiron building by using the metro.

Like yesterday, we went to a new Chinese restaurant for lunch today. Next to the scenery of Chinatown, we enjoyed our delicious Chinese food.

The theme of the escape room was “The Agency” and it was all decorated like a James Bond movie. Except from Thomas, we all had done some other escape rooms before, but still had major difficulties to find the hidden clues to exit the room, even though the clues were obvious. In the end, we finished with 8 minutes left, which was pretty close because it was a rather easy one. We had a lot of fun and a lot of “Ah” moments.

After the escape room, we quickly checked out the Flatiron building because some of us have not seen it yet, and then we went to Popeyes and Taco Bell for lunch. In the afternoon we grabed our laundry again and then some of us went to a sports bar to watch the NFL game. Philippe made a new friend, since another guy saw his hoodie with the logo of the San Francisco team. Unfortunately the team from San Francisco lost the game. In the evening we cooked spaghetti at home with a recipe of Thomas grandmom. The challenge was not to make too much sauce or to make too much spaghetti, but after around 30 minutes we had a big enough portion for us 6.

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