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Day 17 – New York Adventures

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

The morning brought with it a sense of anticipation and excitement as we prepared for a special excursion to Staten Island, with the iconic Statue of Liberty as our primary destination. The prospect of seeing this majestic symbol of freedom and American history was a highly anticipated moment, and as we boarded the ferry to make the journey, we could hardly contain our excitement.

The moment the Statue of Liberty came into view, it exceeded all our expectations. Standing tall and proud in the morning sun, it radiated a sense of liberty, history, and the American spirit. Its grandeur and symbolism left an indelible impression on us, serving as a powerful reminder of the principles that America holds dear.
After our remarkable experience on Staten Island, we decided to continue our day’s adventure with a visit to the famous Brooklyn Bridge. However, as we neared our destination, we encountered an unexpected obstacle: a demonstration was blocking our path. This was a captivating sight, as we watched people passionately standing up for their beliefs, expressing their voices and convictions in a public setting.
While the demonstration was intriguing to observe and spoke to the vibrancy of civic engagement in the city, it also meant we had to adjust our plans for the day. This flexibility, a hallmark of travel experiences, allowed us to explore and adapt to the unexpected, making the journey itself an adventure filled with surprises and valuable insights. It was a day marked by a mix of awe-inspiring landmarks and the unpredictability of urban life in a bustling metropolis like New York.

To conclude our day, we decided to treat ourselves to a trip to the cinema. The cinema we chose was a modern and comfortable one, offering an experience that was notably different from what we were accustomed to in Switzerland.

The first striking difference was the seating. The cinema in New York provided ample legroom, a luxury we weren’t used to back home. What’s more, the seats could be tilted backward, allowing us to relax and put our feet up, adding an extra dimension of comfort to the viewing experience. It was a welcome change, making the movie-watching experience even more enjoyable.

Another distinct aspect was the sight of people bringing blankets to the cinema for added comfort. This was something we hadn’t seen in Swiss cinemas, and it reflected the idea of creating a cozy and homey atmosphere while watching a film. The abundance of space, the comfortable seats, and the option to bring blankets made for a particularly inviting and laid-back movie night.

However, as the movie progressed, we noticed that the comfort came with a drawback: it was getting quite warm in the seats. Despite this minor inconvenience, we were completely engrossed in the film on the big screen. The latest movie we watched held our attention, and we were captivated by the storyline and cinematic experience.

Time seemed to fly by in the cinema, and before we knew it, the credits were rolling. With happy smiles and content hearts, we left the cinema, grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a movie night in such a comfortable and unique setting. This memorable cinema experience was yet another highlight of our time in New York.

Overall, our day was full of highlights, from the impressive Statue of Liberty to the unexpected encounter with the demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge. In the evening at the cinema, we had a chance to relax and unwind together. It was a memorable day that gave us many new experiences and impressions.

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