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Day 16 - The Lion King Musical

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

Today was already the last working day this week. Besides Chiara and Noemi, who are still working on the videos, Thomas also worked with them today. So, we had one person less to support us with the open tasks of our startup project. As in the last few days, we had the opportunity to work in the nice office in Chinatown again today. For me (Sven), it’s always special to come to the Chinatown neighborhood because it’s very different from NYC. It’s like entering a different city because of the food, the people, and because the look of the city changes fundamentally. In the morning, I worked on a script that automatically fills GZA’s Excel list with the information we need. Along the way, Simon and Florin worked on their assignments.


Like yesterday, we went to a new Chinese restaurant for lunch today. Next to the scenery of Chinatown, we enjoyed our delicious Chinese food.


Back at the office, we continued working on our assignments. At the end of the workday, Chiara, Noemi and Thomas came to us and needed us for a video recording for their project.


After work, we soon went to the Lion King musical in the evening. I was especially looking forward to this musical because I haven’t been to a musical in a long time and I also associate it with my childhood. I was very curious to see how the musical was implemented. Arriving at the musical, we were already overwhelmed at the beginning by the hall and the size of the musical on Broadway. This feeling remained throughout the evening. The scenery, the performances and the fitting music were breathtaking experiences. Besides all the everyday stress in New York and the sporting events, the musical tonight was the perfect complement.

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