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Day 16 – Busy working & meeting Benni

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

Today everyone was very busy working on their projects. Ainhoa and Timothe worked from home supporting Beem by improving their infrastructure and creating a suitable UI (User Interface) for the application so it can be used on a VR headset.

Dila also worked from home and continued her work for HF² by designing two brand design concepts for the startup.

Albin and Michel met up with Markus today and presented him their progress so far. As they kept working on the application, they noticed an error which they were able to fix the same day. Since they were able to fix the error, they managed to make more progress much faster.
Matteo as usual worked at GZA. He met up with Lukas and discussed the status of his current work. He was also able to get some work done for TIE regarding the planning of their Christmas dinner. For lunch he went to a fancy restaurant called “Upland”. The Food was amazing.

To reward a busy day full of hard work we went out for dinner with Benni. Benni used to be an instructor at TIE but has now moved to New York to follow his studies. We ate in a restaurant called “The Grey Dog”. The restaurant had a very cool style and was furnished in an industrial fashion. The food was great, and it was very interesting hearing Benni’s stories of his life as a student in New York.

As we were waiting for the metro to go back home, we noticed some cute little metal statues that were distributed everywhere at the 14 St station.

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Mr. D offered us some Doughnuts and cookies, which were very delicious. Then we went to visit the following classes.

  • History class
  • Chinese class
  • Italian class
  • Spanish class
  • Design Engineering class
  • Music class
  • Physical Science class
  • Volleyball practice
  • Gym
  • Outdoor Sport area

In the Spanish class, Ainoha took over the role as a teacher for several minutes, which was funny. In the Music class they played an orchestra for us, it was really impressing.