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Day 15 – Visit at Beem in SAP Office and project with the Swiss embassy

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

On the 15th day, we visited the startup BEEM with two representatives of the Swiss embassy. We woke up at around 7:30 and after breakfast, we left with the Express Metro to Penn Station. From there, we walked to Hudson Yards, where we entered the 10 Hudson Yards skyscraper. It is an impressive 52-floor skyscraper housing SAP, L’oreal and other offices. After check-in in the lobby, we took the elevator to the 48 floors where SAP.IO is located, which is an SAP project that empowers startups such as BEEM to have resources to develop their business. There, we met Janosh, Founder and CEO of BEEM, who talked to us about how Beem works and then explained the task we had to do. BEEM is a software that enables augmented reality communication.

Janosh has assigned us a task to identify suitable applications for the BEEM technology and to create a BEEM message to explain these use cases. Everybody did this task individually. Some use cases included kids meeting their favorite celebrities and remote education from classic school to art and music.

After that, the two representatives of the Swiss embassy and most of us left. Timothe and Ainhoa stayed to continue to work on some BEEM projects, and Dila stayed to get some shots filmed for the embassy video project. After working a few hours, we got lunch in the SAP Mensa with a beautiful view. We later left around 17 to go back home.

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