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Day 14 - Vernissage – Welcome to mars

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

This morning Sven, Philippe and I (Simon) after dressing warmly being only 4 degrees, we found at 8:25 a.m. and headed to the meeting place of the meeting. Before entering this hotel which provides its lobby/bar for working, we stopped for coffee, when we entered it was all very dark although the lights were on and it was also cold, one of the worst coworking spaces I have been in. After the meeting we worked for another hour before going to Chick-fil-A for lunch.

In the meantime Thomas and Florin worked on the project for GZA in the DUMBO offices and Noemi and Chiara continued the project for the Swiss Embassy from the Airbnb. Before returning home since we were in the area, we stopped to see the Flatiron and Madison Square Park, unfortunately they were restoring the building and we could not see it at its best, nevertheless it was very nice to be able to see it.

After this little sightseeing trip we decided to go back to the Airbnb to continue working since we did not like the hotel.
In the evening the girls went to an art exhibition organized by Swiss embassy, in the exhibition you can see a lot of paintings done with watercolor by the artist Ivana Falconi.
In the meantime the rest of us with the supervisors went to an Italian restaurant near little Italy named Galli, the food was very good and the ambiance was also nice. To finish the evening we walked around little Italy a bit, on the way home Philippe, Florin and Sven were still hungry so they stopped at Chick-fil-A again. Once we all got home we had an important discussion with the supervisors, the first topic was about how often to change projects, the second was about communication for the Start-up project.

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