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Day 14 – Official Beem and HF² project kickoff

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

Today was the official kickoff for the two projects Beem and HF². Constantin, Dila, Albin and Michel met up with Markus Schneider at the coworking office called Nomadworks. Meanwhile, Ainhoa and Timothe started their project with Janosch Amstutz his company Beem at his hotel where he currently stays. Matteo, who already started working the other day, was at the GZA co-working office.


This project is about arbitrage trading with crypto specifically. Since trading with bots is all about speed, the goal of this project is to gain a slight speed advantage when trading, for instance with crypto. This will be accomplished by sending the notifications from the trading bots to the exchange platforms a bit faster than regularly using a specific technology.

Today, we created an architecture infrastructure for this project and already started with the project implementation. We will have to build it from scratch, and the goal for this month is to figure out whether it’s possible, and if so, to see if we can release a prototype over the course of this month.


Matteo is the only one working for GZA, tasked with the redesign of a website and the integration of new content. He operates with the Content Management System known as WordPress. He needs to create multiple subpages using a template and he has to implement the content accordingly.


Timothe and Ainhoa are working for BEEM, a startup in the AR field.

Timothe is working closely with a BEEM backend developer in Turkey to help with the migration of BEEM’s cloud environment from AWS to Google Cloud, the initial job was mostly to understand the existing environment and figure out the most efficient and cost-effective way to setup the new infrastructure.

Ainhoa is currently working on creating a mockup for Beem to determine how the app should look on a VR headset, both for the Apple and Android versions. To accomplish this, she is using the applications Figma and Bezi.

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Mr. D offered us some Doughnuts and cookies, which were very delicious. Then we went to visit the following classes.

  • History class
  • Chinese class
  • Italian class
  • Spanish class
  • Design Engineering class
  • Music class
  • Physical Science class
  • Volleyball practice
  • Gym
  • Outdoor Sport area

In the Spanish class, Ainoha took over the role as a teacher for several minutes, which was funny. In the Music class they played an orchestra for us, it was really impressing.