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Day 13 - Storyboards for Swiss Embassy Videos

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

Today we split up in two groups, Florin, Sven and Simon worked at Greater Zurich Area, in the Brooklyn office, they completed multiple tasks, worked with the Drupal CMS: fixed pages, uploaded new content, pdf’s.

Noemi, Chiara and Me (Thomas) worked at home for the Consulate video, we created the story board and sketched it out on paper, some great and creative ideas popped up. For me (Thomas) it was difficult to sketch the scenes because it was the first time I did this, and I didn’t really have an artistic mind, but Chiara’s and Noemi’s design were really nice.

For the lunch we went to Panda Express, a Chinese restaurant near our apartment, the fried rice with orange chicken was delicious. Tamara and Philippe joined us, and we had a fun time reading the fortune cookie messages.

In the afternoon we continued working on the consulate project, and later at 3pm Noemi and Chiara (the two mediamaticians) went to present the storyboards to the consulate.

I (Thomas) had an interesting business call with Paul Blakely, CEO at INDUSTRI.

For dinner we ate at home, we had some nice ravioli and Sven and Florin tried a new receipt, cinnamon toasts, that were really good.

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