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Day 13 – Apprentices at the Swiss Consulate

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

On the 13th day, our day began as usual on a workday. In the morning, most of us were working from home. This arrangement was in preparation for our planned visit to the Swiss Consulate in New York City after lunch. After completing our midday meal, we set off to go to the Swiss Consulate.

Upon reaching the Swiss Consulate, we were greeted by Salome and then guided to a meeting room for our scheduled appointment. The mediamatician Dila who is with us will be working for them. Dila must create a video for social media. This video is going to be posted on Instagram and will show different aspects of women in ICT.

After we left the Swiss Consulate, we made our way to the Grand Central Station to eat Lunch before taking the train to Harlem. We showered and got ready to go. We planned to go to China Town for dinner. We ended up in a beautiful Japanese Ramen Restaurant. The food there was delicious, and we had a fun evening before going home and going to bed.

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