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Day 12 - 2nd week of work

20th February 2023 | Tags: Technology, Deepfake, AI

We started in Home Office and then went to an office in China Town (Lower East Side). Where we met Markus and Paul. He introduced himself and told us more about his company, showed us several projects he did in the past and told us the story of how Markus and he met. After the Introduction, we continued to work for the Start-Up. Chiara worked on a new website design for their landing page and we developers on the animation and how to collaborate on one project in unity. In the meantime, Noemi and Simon worked in the office of GZA in Dumbo on finishing their CMS news article updating task.


We ate lunch in a restaurant called dumpling palace in China Town. We ordered too much food, because we thought that the portions would be very small because of the price. Turns out it was just very cheap, but still big portions. Of course we didn’t throw away the food, but took it home with us to eat later.


Since it is Noemis Birthday today, we planned a surprise for her. Every time she wasn’t paying attention we discussed and planned her Birthday. After work we surprised her by picking her up outside the office and singing Happy Birthday. We then made our way to the Metro to get to the bowling center on the Chelsea Pier. Noemi luckily didn’t suspect anything until we left the Metro at a different station than we normally would.

When we arrived they gave us our bowling shoes and showed us our bowling alleys. Next to the Lounge there was a sign with Noemis name and it was very nicely decorated. While playing we were able to eat unlimited pizza, chicken tenders and fries and also drink free soda.
We had a lot of fun competing against each other alone and in teams. Team Sven and Noemi won our Team competition (thanks to Sven), but the Birthday Girl seemed very happy with our surprise.

“Happy Birthday Noemi!

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