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Day 11 - Relax-Day

20th February 2023 | Tags: Berlin 2023

This particular day happened to be a Sunday, offering us a well-deserved opportunity to sleep in and start the day feeling refreshed. We began the day with a satisfying and hearty breakfast, setting a positive tone for the hours ahead.

After breakfast, we were motivated to stay active and healthy, so we decided to visit the gym for a productive workout session. Exercise not only invigorated our bodies but also brought a sense of accomplishment as we completed our fitness routines.

Comparison of Switzerland’s housing to New York’s:

Size and Diversity: New York is much larger and more densely populated than Swiss cities and towns. This leads to a wider variety of housing options in New York to accommodate its diverse population. In contrast, Swiss cities are known for their meticulous urban planning and traditional architectural styles.

Cost of Living:

New York City is infamous for its high cost of living, with expensive real estate and rents. Switzerland also has a high cost of living, but it often has higher average incomes and strong social safety nets that help offset housing expenses.


Switzerland boasts efficient public transportation and infrastructure, making it accessible to live in suburban or rural areas while working in cities. In New York, transportation options are extensive but can be congested, primarily serving urban environments.

Housing Standards:

Switzerland places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability in housing. Buildings are constructed with high-quality materials and modern amenities, designed to withstand diverse climate conditions. New York’s housing market, while diverse in styles, may not consistently prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability.


Switzerland, being less densely populated, offers more spacious living accommodations compared to the compact apartments commonly found in New York. Swiss cities and towns are known for their tranquil residential areas, while New York’s urban environment can be bustling and crowded.

In summary, housing in New York and Switzerland differs in terms of size, cost, transportation options, housing standards, and available space. New York offers a diverse urban lifestyle but comes with higher costs, while Switzerland prioritizes quality and spacious living, albeit at a premium. Each region provides a unique housing experience, with its own advantages and challenges.


Later in the afternoon, hunger struck, and we decided to order Panda Express.

After waiting 2h they cancelled the delivery. So, we ordered again on Uber, but they did the same. We decided to order Domino’s Pizza. Following dinner, we watched a movie together and began watching a new TV series, making it a relaxing and enjoyable end to the week.

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