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We organize international working stays in
cities such as New York and Berlin.

Learners gain the following benefits during their stay:

  • Language and work skills are promoted at the same time
  • Optimal preparation for working in international teams
  • Learners can obtain a language diploma during their stay
  • Learners establish business relationships around the world at an early stage
  • Learners work together with local teams on productive projects

New York


The global metropolis, known as an international trading hub and center for business, culture and innovation. Where else could ICT learners sharpen their international work skills? New York offers learners a unique environment to improve their language skills right in the heart of the American job market

The German capital Berlin is the center of the European start-up scene. Known for its dynamic work and leisure culture, Berlin is the place-to-be for young entrepreneurs. A unique mix of culture, art and IT makes Berlin one of the most innovative cities in the world. TIE International wants to connect young talents internationally and show how people live, work and innovate in Berlin.

Berlin Stage Retrospective 2023

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